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Jeffreys Ranch Pecans
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Pecan Product discriptions
We take pride in our nuts!

If you want to crack your own! 
​We also can ship in-shell to California.

We offer 2 pound packages of cracked that have 10 - 20%  of the shell removed
We Ship!
Call now to order your 2016/2017 pecans. We can ship, you can pick them up, or we will deliver  to anywhere in Colusa County. You can also place  your order by e-mail. PayPal payment option is available by clicking on "Buy Pecans" page. If you would rather pay by check or Postal Money Order, just place your order by phone.
Our cleaned pecans are vacuum-packed in 1/2 pound packeges, and contain a large portion of halves.
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Our Flavored Nuts and Candy Turtles are made to order to maintain the highest quality. Give us a call and try them!